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We proactively support local business to harness their employees’ wellbeing with a corporate fitness program – giving your staff access to saunas, ice baths, classes & Personal training.

Our social club, and employee assistance program helps you support your staff across the spectrum of personal and work-based issues when you need it.

Wellbeing, nutrition advice, breath work workshops, meditation and yoga.

At Onetribe we understand the strategic importance of integrating health and wellness initiatives into the workplace.

We can play a pivotal role in boosting workplace productivity and morale. By offering tailored fitness programs and wellness challenges, Onetribe helps companies cultivate a healthier, more engaged workforce.

Our services can significantly reduce healthcare costs for employers by promoting a healthier lifestyle that minimizes the risk of chronic diseases. Onetribe’s comprehensive wellness programs, which include both physical fitness and mental health support, foster a culture of well-being that enhances employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Employees feel valued when their company invests in their health, and this is reflected in their work ethic and reduced absenteeism.

Incorporating Onetribe into your company’s wellness strategy not only boosts individual employee health but also transforms the overall workplace environment. It strengthens team bonds through group fitness classes and shared wellness goals, enhancing cooperation and camaraderie among staff. This comprehensive approach is more than just a benefit—it’s a fundamental business strategy that drives long-term success by keeping your team energized, focused, and committed.

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