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Youth Strength and Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning program for adolescents lays a solid foundation for future athleticism. We focus on safe and progressive training techniques that are effective even for those who haven’t seen results from previous coaching. This program is designed to develop core athletic skills in a supportive and results-oriented environment.

What is your kids dream?

Many talented young athletes fail to realize their childhood dreams, largely due to inadequate physical preparation. In a world where doing more is often seen as better, the right training can be the difference between success and failure.

From an early age, it’s beneficial for children to engage in a variety of sports, allowing them to explore diverse physical activities. This broad exposure is crucial as it lays a foundation for their athletic future. However, adolescence presents new challenges. As their bodies grow, young athletes become more prone to injuries, and the increasing demands of competitive sports can place a heavy burden on them.

Movement is Life, We make it fun!

During this critical growth phase, managing the pressures of sports, academics, and social commitments becomes essential. One effective strategy is to focus on enhancing athletic abilities off the field. Teaching athletes how to properly jump, land, run, and maneuver can significantly reduce their risk of injuries and improve their performance.

Gym work can be fun!

Our Teen Program is designed to help young enthusiasts master these essential movements and build resilience against injuries. This not only keeps them active and competitive (yes, competition build character, resilience and ultimatly a mind with gritt)  but also sets them up for success as potential  athletes.

Unlike traditional training that merely increases intensity and volume, our program allocates time for athletes to learn and refine their movements, giving them a crucial edge in their life and sport careers.

Is lifting good for kids?

Weight Room – No Longer Off-Limits to Kids

Strength training is an important part of physical conditioning for adults, along with aerobic exercise and stretching for flexibility. But what is OK for kids to do when it comes to strength training?

Although experts once thought that kids should not train with weights, that attitude has changed. Experts now say that strength training is fine for kids, as long as they are supervised and don’t try to lift too much weight.

One reason that healthcare providers discouraged children from lifting weights in the past was a concern that kids’ growing bones would be damaged. Growth plate fractures have not been reported in programs designed by experts with proper supervision. https://www.stanfordchildrens.org/en/topic/default?id=weight-room-no-longer-off-limits-to-kids-1-1187

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