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Group Fitness

The only family friendly fitness classes in Newcastle

Want to get in shape but need accountability? Join group fitness sessions at our Newcastle gym and get a fun full-body workout while the mind unwinds. Our group fitness classes are about respect, empowerment, and genuine support. Judgement free. Stress free. Ego free. But plenty of fun.

Our fitness classes are for all. Bring your kids along. Bring your parents. We even have a few grandparents! We welcome all ages, from Gen Z to Baby Boomer. All levels, from gym newbie to gym junkie. Our small gym group classes hit a little different. It’s not about reaching a perfect body ideal or creating unsustainable fitness goals. It’s about becoming stronger, healthier, and happier. Together.


The blitz program is all about anaerobic threshold. this means short “sprint” type workouts with rest periods to increase our high intensity output. Our Blitz sessions you will generally see no more than 2 minute efforts at your maximal output! The blitz program will start with shorter work times and greater rest. work time will progress to increase our threshold. High energy, high intensity.


The Construct program is an 11-week strength training program that also incorporates bodybuilding techniques to simultaneously increase both strength and muscle mass. The program includes an optional testing week to assess progress. By combining these two approaches, members can expect to see improvements in strength and technique no matter the ability of the member over the course of the program.Construct focuses on progressive overload through different techniques to enhance muscle strength.


Our energy sessions are to increase our aerobic capacity. This means long, low-intensity efforts to increase our energy systems with continuous movement and little to no rest times. Our energy sessions are key to building a long lasting engine that we can rely on during all workouts! The energy program will start with short work times with small rest – to longer work times with no rest, this program is a low-intensity, high-volume cardiovascular session!


Our synergy session is a combination of our blitz and energy session in a team like settings. This will have a combination of high intensity, long work times but most importantly TEAM WORK. This is the perfect session to keep your training buddy, friends, partners accountable throughout your fitness journey. High intensity, high energy, good fun workouts in teams of 3 or more!


The tone program is designed to help individuals improve their overall fitness by combining a variety of exercises and training methods. It is especially suitable for those who prefer a balanced approach and are not solely focused on building pure strength. The program aims to enhance muscle tone while also addressing fat loss goals. The program focuses on improving overall functional movement patterns and increasing muscle strength and endurance to support daily activities and improve overall physical fitness. Tone focuses on higher rep ranges with lesser weights and short rest periods to pump the heart rate as well as the muscles.


The perfect way to wrap up the week, FLOW is our downtime session — a Friday class where our gym family comes together to stretch and unwind.

Featuring yoga and deep stretching, FLOW is designed to enhance core strength, amplify flexibility and help you find your rhythm. Whether you’re a master yogi or you’ve never stretched before, this class will leave you feeling relaxed, supple, and ready to carry your newfound flexibility into your everyday life.

Group Fitness Classes

We have a range of bundles and plans so that you can get the most out of your One Tribe Newcastle membership.

Active $60 /Week

More than group fitness

Become a part of the One Tribe Newcastle family with an Active membership. Kids are welcome in any of our regular classes but we have dedicated kids classes too. Game oriented and a tonne of fun, these afternoon classes are all about making kids comfortable in the gym and passionate about being active.

What's included

  • Unlimited group classes
  • Over 50+ classes per week
  • Large variety of class types
  • Discounts for seniors and under 23’s
  • Friend and referral discounts
  • Friendly and fun class environment

Need a little extra attention?

Get to your goals faster with the guidance and encouragement of a One Tribe personal trainer. Our world class PTs will listen to your needs and create a bespoke fitness program based on the latest science. As a bonus, you’ll receive genuine support, full accountability, and an immediate gym family.  We’re here to answer all your questions.

Kids Fitness Classes

While kids are welcome in any group class, we have dedicated kids classes every afternoon. These game-oriented classes are designed to provide a full body workout in an environment that hardly feels like exercise. Designed for kids of all ages, it’s a chance for your child to unleash their inner gladiator.

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